XG’s know-how

“I design, produce and commercialize my own frames with real freedom, looking for my own line, trying to be as authentic as possible.” Xavier Garcia


Xavier Garcia, a signature brand with personality and authenticity, is growing year after year in staff and turnover, exporting its essence and culture around the world through its unique collections. Collections that reflects the style, shades and culture of his native city, Barcelona.

From our headquarter in Barcelona, we design and offer our collection to all opticians and eyewear users looking for original frame designs, technically well crafted, and made by high quality materials and finishings.

With more than 30 years of research and development, Xavier Garcia creates his own and authentic combinations with custom colors and textures. A game that seeks the contrast of the strength of each construction with the lightness of each frame, obtaining collections with its own discourse and character.
The acetate, metal and sun collections show the meticulous craftsmanship of the author, the high quality finishings used and the exhaustive technical control carried out in each model. The result: a contemporary vision that endures in time beyond fashion.

The result: a contemporary vision that endures in time beyond fashion.

Our values:

Independent design brand:
The autor’s vision and message
Uniqueness and originality
Creations based on experimenting

Own designs
Avoiding passing trends

Aware of trends, but with unique approach
Glasses for people who enjoy wearing glasses
Inspired by culture, art, music and design

Handcrafted pieces
High-quality materials

High quality:
Select materials
Internal technical development
Quality controls throughout the production process

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