High Prescription Special Frames – SS/19 Collection


People with strong graduations (either myopia or hypermetropia) have great difficulty in choosing glasses because there are hardly any frames on the market that can withstand high-grade lenses. Consequently, this group of final users are forced to buy mounts designed for young people.
At XG we know that it is a limited market, but Xavier Garcia and his design team do not forget this part of the society and they have designed 4 models that fit within the standard dimensions of adult men / women to which a high-graduation lens can be adapted.

At first glance the models we are introducing seem to have an excessively wide bridge, and indeed they do, precisely for ergonomic and technical reasons. We can summarise the requirements a frame must meet to accommodate this type of prescription in the following points:

  • The main requirement is that the rims must be small. The smaller the rim the better (a myopic lens thickens as the shape becomes bigger, which means the smaller the lens, the lighter the weight and the thinner the edge of the lens is).
  • The rim shapes that best support these prescriptions are rounded, smooth ones without overly sharp corners.
  • The overall dimensions of the frame, such as the length of the temples, the parietal width and the distance between the optical centres of the lenses, must meet the standards of adult users.
  • In principle the 4 models fit into the standard adult men’s/women’s sizes.

In a nutshell, we are proposing frames for adults with high prescriptions, and to do that we need frames with small rims and general adult standard sizes.

Xavier Garcia speaker at the Conference of Mounts of the Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Xavier Garcia
CEO and designer Xavier Garcia- Eyewear Design, Barcelona.

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