Signature brand

Xavier Garcia is a brand motivated by design that responds to the need to create a line of genuine, practical, and comfortable eyewear.
We are driven by our unique spirit, originality, and our desire to work passionately. Our mission is to create a unique experience for those who appreciate eyewear and value the importance that eyewear plays in their personal style.
We want to share our passion for exceptional eyewear with people who wear glasses not only because they need them, but also because they love them. We build our history from the Poblenou neighbourhood, the starting point of creativity in Barcelona.

Experience and vision

After years of gaining experience and knowledge designing for other long-established firms, in 2008, Xavier Garcia decided that his time had arrived: he wanted to try his hand at making his own collection as he liked, with a solid commitment to designing. It was a leap into the void in a complex context, but this did not stop him. Since then, we have been growing as a team, experimenting as creators and inventing eyewear that has reached countries worldwide.

Handcrafted production

We design locally with a global way of thinking: we start from a constructive idea to give life to new designs, looking for new ways of working, mixtures and possibilities. We follow our design and production process with integrity and commitment, striving daily to become more sustainable. In addition, we want to be as consistent as possible with the tools we have right now, and we work closely with our suppliers to keep experimenting and providing the highest quality.

Keep learning, keep growing

Design, for us, means fitting certain pieces together as well as possible: ensuring that the glasses are ergonomic, easy to wear and that they adapt to everyday life without abandoning our aesthetic criteria. Our meticulously crafted technique accompanies collections created for those who dare to reinterpret timeless shapes. We dedicate much effort and consideration to our designs, starting from the creative, personal, art, and architecture-inspired proposal by our CEO and designer, Xavier Garcia, to connect with individuals who seek eyewear that reflects their unique personality and style.


Experimentation is a fundamental part of the creative process. We constantly search for new paths and possibilities.

We offer a collection of eyewear that celebrates the beauty of light and color. We have managed to create volume and depth in our frames through the careful use of light and transparency.

Our glasses are made of natural Italian acetate, composed of wood pulp and cotton fibers. We prioritize the use of renewable and environmentally friendly bio-acetates. Our mission is to continue working every day to leave a better planet for future generations.

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