Barcelona, like all cities, is a mixture, a flood, a place that welcomes people, ideas…

Barcelona is fusion, it is mixture, it is a melting pot.
Ideas bubbling. Shared creativity.
It is a mix: of trends, of people, of styles, of opinions, of proposals, of ways of thinking, of images.
A mix of sensations, of feelings.

The new Xavier Garcia – Barcelona Summer 2017 collection is based on the concept of collage.
As a tool for artistic expression, collage can be used to create works made of diverse elements with different textures, shapes, and colours.

This artwork conveys the character of Barcelona, which permeates all of the collections by Xavier Garcia.

The FLEX ACETATE collection for this summer 2017 was born from the designer’s explorations in collage technique. Combinations of new materials, colours, and forms give shape to these designs.


These designs group together reinterpretations of classic shapes with new on-trend designs. A total of 8 models (5 for women and 3 for men), all with a great deal of character, which are destined to be this summer’s must-haves.

FLORA A rounded cat eye design (Ø54) with an emphatic archat the eyebrow. It stands out with its collage-like play of colours and asymmetrical textures in the front frame.

FILO A rounded cat eye design (Ø54) with a laminate on the upper framethat emphasises the arch of the eyebrow. Worth noting are the colour gradients andthe pearl-like texturesFIONA A rectangular design (Ø55) with a sinuous laminate that runs across the front frame ina gentle line. The combinations of colour and tone surprise with their harmonious aesthetic.FEDRA Areduced size, slightly cat eyeframe (Ø51). The front seduces with two-toned combinations in a wide range of colours.

FABIOLA Oversized (Ø55)square design with a retro look, it offers gentle harmonies in light brown combined with a small mono-colour laminate at the temple tips.

MAYANS A square design (Ø56) that stands out with its sophisticated chromatic range and the laminated frontal effect that merges two acetates along the silhouette.

MATEU Designed for men in a classic rectangular shape (Ø57). The very harmonious bi-colour front frame contrasts with themono-colourlaminated detail of the temples.

MASSOT A square design (Ø55) with an eye-catching profile with clear architectural references. The use of double-coated and translucent acetates creates ethereal subtleties of colour.



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