Innovating is searching for perfection, surpassing oneself, getting better with each step. The Steel Block models are made from a sheet of steel block, a structure that forgoes welding, creating youthful, classic and elegant shapes.

Naturalness is being true to oneself, being comfortable in one’s own skin. This is why we have added more Skin models by Xavier Garcia, which make use of metal laminates called “skins” in natural tones, together with ranges of warm and cool colours.

EMMA: Emma is a homebody and family-oriented. She likes baking and she always wears the scent of home. Patient and serene, she believes that all problems have a solution and she doesn’t stop until she finds it. She likes humming songs that she makes up and she believes that everyone has a special gift.

A rectangular, lightweight design. Practical and elegant, it comes in natural tones which are very versatile.


Steel block / Minimum welds / Sophisticated / Matt/metal contrast / Rectangular shape

ESSA: Essa is creative and zany. She has a passion for abstract painting and she transforms herself with each stroke. She always gives her all in everything that she does. She discovers a new hobby every day. She is an expert on film history and finds it fun to dress herself up as Old Hollywood’s legendary actresses.

A square design with a youthful look. It is distinguished by its lightness and comfort. Its combination of colours in a matt finish with glossy, metallic details stands out.

metal collection essa

Square shape / Steel block / Perfect for progressives / Matt/metal contrast

EVITA: Evita is charming and glamorous. She conquers the world by batting her eyelashes sensually and giving an enigmatic look. She never goes anywhere without lipstick on and her copy of Cosmopolitan at hand. She draws every gaze, seeming to be approachable and inaccessible at the same time. She likes romance novels and continues to wait for her Prince Charming.

A rounded cat eye design with a decidedly chic edge. The elegance of its shape, enhanced by glossy, metallic colours that contrast with the matt colour of the frame front surface, gives it sophistication and great femininity.

metal collection evita

Sculpted / Game of layers / Chic/elegant / Rectangular shape

MORA: Mora is adventurous and inspiring. He has been to many countries and he believes that leaving one’s comfort zone is necessary to find oneself. He always has his suitcase packed and ready to go for the next adventure and he says that we should think with our hearts more. He is addicted to cola-flavoured Chupa-Chups.

A unisex panto design with a youthful and classic look. With its innovative lines and colours, it definitely has style loaded with personality.

metal collection mora

Pantos shape / Unisex / Neutral colors / Perfect for progressives / “key” bridge

MORATÓ: Morató is attractive and a gentleman. With a glass in his hand and an elbow on the counter, he is the life of the party. He elicits laughs with each joke and he revels in his hilarious tales. He loves being the centre of attention and is always the first to suggest a toast. He is a hopeless romantic in search of the perfect girl.

A round design, with a decidedly masculine look. Its sinuous lines and dark colours give it great elegance.

MULLER: Muller is meticulous and observant. He likes going to art auctions and he has a passion for new urban styles. He never leaves home without his camera and he has his own darkroom. He believes that perfection exists and it is our duty to achieve it.

A rectangular design which stands out for its sculpted profiles and strong personality. Its marked lines have glossy colours at the top of the eye wires.

metal collection muller

Rectangular shape / Sculpted / Sophisticated / Bright colors



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