(Dakota, Daniela, Debora, Linus, Losada, Lorca)

A new Autumn 2017 metal collection draws its inspiration from collage art: contrast, overlapping, blending. By combining lightweight acetates and metals in original shapes, the new line of sleek spectacle frames is a mixed bag proposal of timeless and cool trendy eyewear.

The characteristic XG volume and colour combinations are toying with the contrasting of metal and acetate as well as the overlapping of textures and the union of diverse finishes.

DAKOTAShe has an enigmatic personality. She is calm, secretive and well-balanced. Her discretion arises from her wish to avoid bothering others, thus seeking to solve problems by herself. She is very patient, focused and feels that time is always on her side. She has a great capacity for work, as well as exceptional willingness. Her visionary and innovative side makes her the best in her field involving state-of-the-art techniques.

  • An oversized square design (Ø53) with a retro feel and a youthful look. Made from a steel block, it comes with a brilliantly coloured laminate at the top of the eye wires.

DANIELAA seductress by nature and brimming with charisma, she seeks to veer away from monotony and routine as much as possible.  She finds it easy to express herself and communicate. She is flexible, direct and alert, and she can adapt to any situation. She is very impatient and conquering the unconquerable gives her great satisfaction. This is why she loves discoveries, the attraction of the unknown and travelling. She enjoys her work every day; being a flight attendant gives her the chance to travel the world.

  • A rounded cat eye design (Ø55) that defines a retro touch. Made from a steel block, it stands out for the sophisticated laminates applied at the top of the rims.

DEBORA: She is a simple and natural woman who has her feet firmly on the ground. She despises superficiality, and she is completely reliable—someone who can be counted on and who keeps her word. She abides by a strict moral code and high principles. She is a risk-taker, as she has great initiative. At times, she may seem rather unsociable as she likes solitude, as well as freedom, changes and independence. She takes pride in a job well done, and loves plants, animals and nature.

  • A rectangular design (Ø51) with a decidedly chic edge. Made from a steel block, it stands out for the sophisticated laminates applied at the top of the rims.

LORCAAn engineer by profession, he is characterised by being introspective, cerebral and intellectual. Shy and ill at ease communicating, he is an emotional person who often hides behind a façade of indifference. At the same time, he is kind and often helps others. He seeks peace and quiet, which have a positive impact on him, and he can be seen with his nose in a book most of the time.

  • A classic rectangular design (Ø54) with a distinct masculine feel. Made from a steel block, which blends with the application of neutrally coloured laminates at the top of the rims.

LOSADABusiness is his favourite field. His greatest passion and responsibility is the law and this is why he loves justice. As a child, he was dedicated to intellectual enrichment. He has a certain charisma that wins him the admiration of the people around him. He loves choosing the best wine for a dinner with friends or whipping up the best gourmet dishes. He thrives on dialogue and has a marked preference for mind games.

  • A rectangular design (Ø54) with a retro feel and a strong personality. Made from a steel block, it comes with an elegantly coloured laminate at the top of the eye wires.

LINUSHe is captivating, with a pleasant manner. He is always seen to be communicative, smiling and happy. He has a strong connection with people; he feels fulfilled seeing everyone around him happy.  He has the ability to defuse difficult situations. He is passionate about cooking and has a great talent for it. He adores everything that has to do with beauty and he loves to go to art exhibitions.

  • A unisex panto design (Ø48) with a youthful look, made from a steel block, combined with some vibrantly coloured laminates at the top of the rims.





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