For this Autumn 2017 season, the new FLEX ACETATE collection emerges from Xavier Garcia’s particular amusement with making collages, featuring one-of-a-kind colour combinations. When choosing materials, Xavier Garcia looks for those with relationships between them or those with which he has a personal connection; he introduces acetates with new textures in a livelier colour range. Traditional laminates step aside for new “crazy” laminate sets: asymmetries and combinations which were, until now, impossible.


(Aurea, Bambi, Barbara, Mayol, Medina)

AUREAUnderneath a calm appearance, Aurea is edgy, complex and undefinible at first glance. A woman who is inclined towards the intelligentsia. She seeks comfort and security, which calm her restlessness. This is why she is always in a hurry even though she lives a relaxed lifestyle. She is very curious and critical. She enjoys everything that has to do with the avant-garde and fashion.

  • A rounded square design (Ø53) with a retro feel and a feminine look, with a sinuous laminate that runs across the frame front in a gentle line. It stands out for its collage-like play of textures on the frame front.

BAMBIAlthough she initially gives the impression of being distant and aloof, nevertheless, she is eager to please. She adores her family and has a great deal of sensitivity.  She is a generous woman who likes to oblige others and hates injustice. She is particularly refined and sensitive to beauty, and she values loyalty. She is a perfectionist, which is why she adores the precision that characterises her profession—medicine.

  • A rectangular design (Ø53) with a sinuous combination of laminates which runs across the top in a gentle line. It has a play of colours and textures on the frame front and temples with an aesthetically pleasing harmony.

BARBARAWith an eclectic mix of talents, she is passionate about her profession—singing, dancing and performing in theatre. Her originality makes her stand out from the rest, as she has a multifaceted personality. Curiosity is her worst shortcoming although it’s her best quality at the same time. Talkative by nature, she has a need to write, talk and express herself in her free time in order to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

  • An oversized square design (Ø54) with a retro feel and a youthful look. It comes in pleasant colour combinations together with a small single-coloured laminate at the temple tips.

MAYOLAs a child, he found refuge in dreams, fleeing from the world. This is why he often remains aloof and he gives the impression of a certain coldness. Nevertheless, he is sentimental at heart, although he doesn’t always know how to express himself and he tends to repress his emotions. Intuition is his greatest virtue, which is why he is a marketing expert. Always available to lend an ear, he deeply values his friendships.

  • A classic rectangular design (Ø56) for men, a sinuous combination of laminates which runs across the top in a gentle line, providing contrast to a laminate on the frame front in a sophisticated colour palette.

MEDINADirect, straightforward and determined, although he is also reticent and prudent. Often refined and elegant, he takes great care of his physical appearance. Work doesn’t frighten him; quite the opposite really. He appears very disciplined, and adores the exact sciences, which is why he has an innate sense of organisation. He likes order, precision, stability and distrusts everything that is not natural.

  • A rectangular design (Ø53), it comes with a combination of laminates at the top and frame front, providing contrast according to a bold colour palette.





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