My Way

I studied Industrial Design at the Elisava School, in Barcelona. The illusion to extend my opportunities took me to Ravenna, in Italy. I began designing frames for Bluemarine and Anne Marie Perris collections. Their production was made in Cadore, where I met all the small manufacturers that made possible the production of frames.


Afterwards a big optical chain asked me to design a collection for their shop windows.

This collection was named Xavier Garcia. Although at first it did not seem to me a good commercial name, later I accepted it because there were too many false Italian, French or English brands. With this assignment I started my career as a freelance and straight afterwards I designed frames for brands such as Grasset, Guy Laroche, M. Morel, Oga, Koali, Julbo, Lacoste, Kadima, Victorio & Lucchino, Gaudi or Zen.



At present I design, produce and sell my own frames with no limits other than the search for my way, trying to be as genuine as possible. In fact, I fully identify myself with what the speaker in Radio3, Ramón Trecet, used to say: “the search for beauty is the only valid choice in this disgusting world”


“I have always liked contemporary jewellery. Designing jewels is for me an activity that combines the pleasure of manual work, the technique of an ancient profession, and above all, the challenge to create unique pieces with their own soul. Concerning aesthetics I have no prejudices. I feel free in my modelling research, the only limits are determined by the materials I use, often found by chance, or by the person who is going the wear the jewel. Some of them become little sculptures.”

This is a small selection of my work:

compo joies

compo joies2

1. Orbital energy. Silver gathered with volcanic stone of Lanzarote island.
2. Freaky. Silver and stone.
3. Necklace made to celebrate the birth of our first child, Guillem. Gold and peridot.
4. Engagement ring to Nuria. Gold and tourmalin.
5. Ring. Silver and a piece of marine shell.
6. Needle for my sister Olga, ophthalmologist. Silver, diamonds, sapphire and amethyst.